Saving for a Vacation

On a previous post, I had mentioned how travelling is my one thing I like to splurge on.  I love going to other places, eating different food, meeting new people and all the things you get when vacationing.  But with the rising cost of oil, saving for a vacation has become harder to do.

I am a firm believer in paying cash for almost everything, which includes vacations.  Vacationing is a luxury not a need.  So if you don’t have the money to go on a vacation, you simply just don’t go.  With our hectic schedules and high pressure jobs, a vacation can be a great way to relax from the every day grind.  Here are some tips on how to save and make money for a vacation:

Make sure to include it in your budget.  When making your monthly or yearly budget, include a category for vacation(s).  That way, you are allocating money to it little by little until you have enough to take a trip.

Pick up a part time job.  For a couple of months, try to work part time to get extra money so you can have that special vacation sooner, and have more cash to spend on it as well. 

If travelling abroad, watch out for the weakening dollar.  Our current economic state has made our currency less powerful in many countries.  Right now, going to countries that take Euros can be quite expensive.  Research countries that your dollar might be able to go a long way.  I did a quick search and found that the dollar is still pretty strong in Argentina.  What better place to go if you want that European vibe with that Latin flavor.

Vacation in the great USA.  We have over 3 million square miles of land right in front of us.  If you are looking for something exotic, why not try Hawaii.  How about the Pacific Northwest if you want to see our beautiful wilderness.  Skiing anyone?  California and Colorado have great ski resorts.  You want to go to the beach?  We have  vasts coastlines both sides the country.  With 50 states to choose from, there is something for everyone right in our soil.  You don’t always have to travel outside of the country to experience new things.

In September I’m planning going to Mexico.  I have been saving all year long a little bit every month.  On top of that, I have picked up little side jobs to make some extra spending money for the trip.  The dollar is still strong there depending in where you stay.  High-travel cities tend to inflate prices because they can usually get away with it.  Foreigners might not know any better, so they will pay the higher costs.  If you go to a city not so high in tourism, you can surely stretch your dollar a long way.  As with any type of spending, do some research.  Compare and contrast places, and make sure to not go in debt just so you can have a vacation.

Happy travelling!


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