Careful When Lending Money

Most of us have been in the position where we where have been asked if we could lend some money to a friend or relative.  Many of us have also been in the situation where we might of had to be the ones asking for the money.  Did it change the relationship between the two of you? How did you come to an agreement of paying it back?  Personally, lending money to friends and family are just something I don’t do. 

When I am talking about lending money, we are talking about $100 or more (To me that is a lot of money to loan, but I understand that to some that is not a large amount).If you where the potential lender, think back to that awkward feeling you had while trying to make the decision whether to lend the money or not.  If you did loan the money, think about how the relationship changed afterwards.  Maybe he didn’t pay you back, maybe you had to hassle him for the money.  Whatever the case may be, it is an experience we all hate to have.

My father was a small business owner back when we lived in Mexico.  His business was in all kinds of financial troubles so he started to look into other ways to make ends meet as well.  To pursue these other business interests he need it some money to make it happen so he went to his brothers and cousins for some money that they could “invest” with the promise of payment in full in the future.  As you can guess, my father never payed the money back and his relationship with them has never been the same.  Money became such a divider between them that my father has very little contact with his brothers and cousins.

Due to prior experiences with lending money and hearing so many other people have negative experiences as well with the subject, I have come to the decision to not loan money to friends and/or family.  If somebody I care for finds themselves in a situation that they need help financially and ask me for me money, depending on the circumstance, either I will help them some other other way (educating them on personal finance-If they are receptive to the info) or I will gift them the money with no expectations of getting the money back.

Lending money is a personal issue that can strain and even break relationships.  Some point in time we are all asked and will probably be asked again if we can loan somebody money.  Don’t just think of the amount they are asking for-think about the other effects that it can cause between you and the other party involved. 


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  1. Sofia Kim on

    There are many types of personal loans available in the market. Its very important to examine all your options first before settling with your final choice. Thanks for the info 🙂

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