Chrysler’s New Gasoline Deal

Recently, I ran to an article in USA TODAY that caught my eye. Especially because it had to do with the new car selling business. The article talks about Chrysler’s new sales campaign called “Let’s Refuel America” that will give buyers of most of their vehicles a card good for the purchases of gasoline or diesel fuel that locks in the price of $2.99 a gallon for three years. Anything over this price, Chrysler will pay for it.

I’m a big proponent of buying used vehicles rather than new. So when I see promotions such as “no money down”, “no interest for the first year”, and “cash back” they really don’t get my attention. But this one did catch my eye. With gas prices being near or at $4 a gallon and with experts saying that we might be paying almost double in a year or so, this deal is surely enticing.

While Chrysler does have some fuel efficient cars, they are better known for their big powerful engines. Their car lineup includes five models under $20,000 that get 28 miles per gallon or better in highway driving. It also rolled out a lifetime engine and transmission warranty last summer. Chrysler is desperately trying to become a contender in the car market with sales dropping continuously with customers switching over to other companies that offer better fuel efficient cars.

The deal does sound great. But I still think that after crunching some numbers to try and figure out how much you can save, you are still better off paying cash for a reliable used car that is in good condition.

So what are your thoughts on Chrysler’s new program? Is it really worth the money? Are you still better off just paying cash for a used vehicle?


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