Choosing a Mechanic

While driving home from work, I looked down on my dashboard and realized I have reached 160,000 miles.  I started to think about it, and I realized how important our mechanic has been in assuring that my car has continued working for 10 years.  More importantly, he saved me some big bucks on the way.

So what are some of the things we should look for when choosing a mechanic?  How can we find them?  Here are some basic information that can help you get started:

  • Use word of mouth to find a mechanic.  This is similar to when looking for a doctor.  Ask friends and family if they have anybody they recommend and what is their experiences with them.
  • Use the  service center at a car dealership.  While this will probably the most expensive place to take the car to get repaired, you will know that the shop will be familiar with your car model and that they have access to the authorized parts for it.  A mechanic working at a dealership will also be updated with any problems that have been known to be common in your particular car model.
  • Make sure that they are certified.  Any legitimate car mechanic should be certified to be able to work on cars.  Having a certification does not guarantee expertise or experience.  What it does show is that they have taken classes to learn and understand their craft.  Also check to see if they are recommended by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • Make sure that they speak English and not Car Jargon.  A good mechanic should be able to explain what’s the diagnosis for your car without intimidating or scaring you into repairs.  They should also give you a list of options you can take rather than just giving you the most expensive one.
  • Choose a mechanic that works on clock time and not repair manual’s estimate.  Car  Dealerships tend to charge labor fees on what is in an industry standard book.  This manuals take into account the time it takes to complete the repair.  The problem with this is that most of the repairs take almost half the time to complete, which means you are overspending on repairs.

I can’t stress the importance of having a trustworthy, reliable car mechanic to ensure that your car stays on the road.  Your mechanic can also save you $1000’s of dollars as well.  I remember having some car problems about five years ago.  The engine light came on so I feared for the worst.  I really didn’t have a clue how to repair it myself so I took it to our mechanic.  Luckily, it was just a fuse that had burned out that need it replacing.  Total cost=$5.  Now he could of used all type of car jargon and told me that my car was going to fall appart-and I would have probably believed him.  His honesty and quick service has made me a customer of his for more than 8 years(Thankfully, I haven’t had to see him too much).

Happy Driving!


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