The Little Redbox

Me and my fiancee are big movie watchers. We don’t like going to the movie theatre due to the bad customer service, annoying movie watchers, and more importantly the cost. Going to the local Blockbuster is not that cheap either. We had started using the local library which has been great. You just can’t beat the unveliable price of free. But there is a problem. The movies in our library are not the most recent movies out. So if there is a certain new movie we want to see, we are out of luck. Not if you use a Redbox kiosk.

Redbox kiosks are popping all over the place. You probably have seen it around McDonald’s or a grocery store. They are basically vending machines for movies. You swipe a credit/debit card, enter your pin if you have one, zip code and email address(optional) and you are ready to rent a movie.

Quick info:

  • The price is $1.00 plus tax for a 1 day rental
  • You are charged an additional $1.00 for every day extra
  • The rental period ends the following evening at 9pm
  • Redbox focus mostly on new dvd releases
  • Only regular DVDs. No Blue Ray or High Def.

At Friday, I drove to the McDonald’s by my house, rented two movies for a whopping $2.00 and enjoyed a relaxing movie night at home. Sure beats spending $20 for two at the movies or $10 at blockbuster. And if $1.00 still sounds like too much money. Go to Redbox and sign up for a free rental. If you search around the web, you will find many of this free rental promo codes passing around. (I have only tried using the promo code you get directly from Redbox).

A note of caution: While researching Redbox I stumbled around this article talking about possible identity theft in Redbox kiosks. just like going to an atm, watch your surroundings. If anything looks suspicious, stop and go somewhere else. Better to be safe than sorry.


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