Spring Cleaning Can Make You Money

Last weekend, my fiancee was doing some spring cleaning around her apartment.  As she dug through her closet, she was amazed at all the useless stuff she had been storing for years.  Some things where not even open or worn.  They still had the sale ticket on them!

About two years ago my fiancee was a BIG SPENDER.  She just love the sense of buying and couldn’t get enough of it.  As we began to save to start a new life together, she began to realize the foolishness of her spending.  She noticed that with or without the things she bought, she was still the same person.  Now that she has money in the bank and even extra to invest, she tells me she feels almost free.  Before, she felt like a slave to her credit payments (she at one time owed around $2000 which she paid in full about a month ago) and nothing to show for it in terms of savings.  After seeing both sides, she tells me that she will never go back.

As she began to separate the items that she wanted to keep and the ones she didn’t, she came up with a great idea.  “Why not make a little money out of this”.  As I mentioned earlier, much of the unused clothes she had in the closet still had their tags.  She also kept the receipts for them.  Depending of the store she had bought them from, she could return them and get her money back.  The ones she couldn’t return and get cash back, she would  either get store credit (if there is something she truly wants and needs), or they can be sold in an upcoming yard sale and still make a little bit of money.  So far this is what she has found:

  • Clothing.  Lots and lots of clothing.  Thankfully the store she bought them from has a lenient return policy so as long as the clothes were in good shape, and we had a receipt, we can get our original tender back.  Some of her purchases were done with a credit card, which she has already cancelled, so she received store credit.  The other purchases were done with cash so that is what she received back.  Total in cash:$100.27   Store Credit:$120.45
  • Old Furniture.  Two old bookshelves that were just collecting dust.  She talked to some of her coworkers and sold them to them.  Cash: $20
  • Dvds and cds.  Two full boxes of them.  We found dvds that we only watched once and music cds that we never listened two.  We made a list with the names of the movies and cds and sent them to all our friends and family.  They chose which ones they liked and bought them from us for a $1 each.  Cash:$33

Her grand total came up to be…drum roll $153.27 in cash and $120.45 in store credit.

I’m in the process of Cleaning my things as well so we can put our stuff together for a yard sale.  Any cash we can make will be a win for us.  Not only are we making money for our wedding, we are also getting rid of stuff that was just taking up space in our homes.  The things that end up not selling will go to charity.  I will let you guys know what treasures I uncover in a later post.  What our some of the things you have found while spring cleaning?


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