How much Cash do You Carry?

It seems that once a week, one of the employees at my job needs somebody to help them break a $5 bill or even a $20 bill into a $1 so they can purchase something from the bending machine. They know that I never carry cash so they stopped asking me if I could give them change.

I rarely carry cash. I just find it much easier to just carry my debit card with me. I don’t see the need for it when almost all the businesses I deal with accept a debit card. The only time that my fiancee and I use cash, is when we go eat in a taco stand that only takes cash.

So what are some reasons one should carry cash? I suppose tipping can be one of them. But restaurants and bars include tipping when you sign your bill so cash becomes unnecessary. Trent in The Simple Dollar asked the same question. He mentions that carrying $20 dollars for any cash related emergency. I think that is usually the maximum amount one should carry as well.

There is an episode of the TV show Seinfield where George’s wallet is too fat and he can barely close it. Finally, the wallet got so fat that it exploded. My wallet use to look just like his. I remember that if I said down for long periods of time, I had to stand up because my “bottom” would begin to hurt from the wallet being so full of cash and junk that I never use. For the record, that is not my wallet in the picture.

So how much cash do you guys carry? What are some of the reasons behind it? I would love to read your responses about this topic.


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