Embracing the Frugal Lifestyle Part 2

At the beginning of the first entry on frugality, I had mentioned briefly how I sometimes had to deal with my coworkers and explaining to them the frugal lifestyle. The stigma behind frugality is that one is cheap. Because of this, many people feel almost the need to constantly buy the newest and greatest thing. It is natural that we want to feel hip and modern, but at what cost. While one may have the newest car, or the most expensive purse, they probably have little to no savings to speak of. I’m not preaching to never spend a dime. What I am saying is that use what you have already till it is not usable, and buy bargains.

I have a friend that loves fashion. The more expensive the article of clothing is, the better. I tell them that there only two things that seperate his clothes from mine. The brand, and the price. Thats it! The clothes have the same material for the most part, and are made with the same equipment. He thinks about it and agrees. The only answer he can give me as to why he needs to buy expensive clothing is that he would feel cheap, and that other people would look at him differently. My friend lives paycheck to paycheck and is drowing in a pool of credit card debt yet he can’t seem to fight the need to spend his money on things he does not need.

J.D in GetRichSlowly wrote a post about How to Live on Less and Love It and also Ask the Readers: How Do You Live Frugally Without Seeming Like a Looser. In it, he explores enjoying being frugal and his own personal struggles with his new frugal lifestyle. His readers give great advice into what to do at work, for fun, and even on dates. Who says you need money to have fun?


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