High Price of Gasoline

Yesterday, I pulled up to one of the major gasoline chains by my house to fill up my car. My jaw dropped when I saw how much it cost me to fill my little 1999 Cavalier. $40.20!!! This got me thinking about how can one save money on gasoline. Here are some time tested methods one can use to save on gas:

  • Shop around: Just remember that if you have to drive too far for just a couple of cents less, it is actually more expensive.
  • Avoid running your gas to close to empty: My frugal mind would tell me to use every little drop of gas that I have. However, this actually causes you to use more gas because your car is running less efficiently when accelerating.
  • Keep your car up-to-date with it’s tune up: You can increase your mileage by 5% by having a well tuned engine. This also includes changing the car’s oil when the time is due.
  • Change your air filter: Studies by FuelEconomy suggest that changing your air filter on a regular basis can help you improve mileage by more than 10 percent.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated and rotated: By having your tires in good shape, your car doesn’t have to exceed as much force when driving thus saving on gas.
  • Service your car in the winter: I’ll be honest with you guys. I live in Texas so this concept is foreign to me. After doing some research, having your car serviced before winter comes, specially in places where snow is common, has a great impact on your gas mileage.
  • Combine trips: Instead of doing multiple errands from your house and back, try combining doing as many as you can with one trip. Many small trips can consume almost double the amount of gasoline. Combining the trips will save you money and time.

Clearly there are more ways to save on gas such as commuting or using public transportation. I just wanted to point out that we can still save money on gas even though we can’t control the price of it. Gas is not going to get any cheaper any time soon lets try and use the tools we have to our advantage to keep driving ahead. I would love to hear the creative ways you guys save money on gasoline as well.


2 comments so far

  1. 2nd World on

    I’d love to just spend $40 to fill up my tank. I live in the UK and the last time I filled up my 22 (US) gallon tank with diesel, it cost me 95GBP — that’s around $190!

    I don’t have too much sympathy with you complaining about $40.

  2. youngsaver on

    I understand that other parts of the world are still paying much higher prices for gas than we are. For me, $40 is still a large chunk of money to spend. I’m not looking for sympathy from anybody. I just want to get some thoughts on the subject from others.

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