Intro part 2

The content that I hope to provide to you from this blog will come primarily from my personal experience with finance and my growing interest in the subject. Things such as articles, book reviews, blogs about personal finance will also be discussed here. Due to my job I will only be able to post 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) but I plan to post Monday through Friday after the first month.
So who is Young Saver? In a nutshell:

  • I’m 23 years old
  • I’m from Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. Currently living in Houston TX
  • I work in retail
  • I’m getting married in August and October (I’ll explain this later) : )

About three years ago I began to get serious about saving money. I noticed that I was buying stuff trying to satisfy a want and not a need. At this time I was attending college and working full time as well. I was working long hours yet when I looked at my bank statements there was nothing to show for it. I realize that I was spending money as fast as I could get it in my hands. Something triggered in my head and I said enough is enough. I drastically cut down my spending and started saving my money. I didn’t have a particular goal to save for. All I wanted was to have more money in the bank just in case I really need it for something important. I didn’t know anything about personal finance. In fact I was somewhat scared of it. I didn’t even have a credit card (still don’t) just because I couldn’t grasp the concept of credit.

So one day driving home from work the Dave Ramsey Show came on. and suddenly I wanted to learn more about managing money. I started saving for a rainy day, invested my money for the future and learned the power of compound interest. And as the old cliche says “the rest is history”. In the next month or so, I will keep writing about my own philosophy in managing money and I will be glad to here your opinion on the matter as well.


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